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 In 2026, RDU 98.5FM is turning 50. 

Fifty glorious years of broadcasting, community and championing Aotearoa music.

We are going to celebrate, but we need your help.


 RDU50 – Fundraising for RDU’S 50th in 2026 

RDU is THE community platform championing local music in our city since the 1970’s. This launch marks the beginning of fundraising for RDU98.5FMs 50th anniversary. BE part of history!


Proceeds from this exercise will be used for:

Producing a book covering the stories, people and culture of RDU over 50 years.

Sponsoring and producing activities and events to engage with the music and cultural community here in the city of Ōtautahi during the 50th year, 2026.

Supporting RDU to cover operational costs to manage these additional projects leading up to 2026.

Please give generously. RDU has been primarily a free service for all to enjoy since it’s inception in 1976.
Your donations help keep the lights on and the music flowing.


 Fundraising Events 

As part of the RDU 50th Fundraiser, RDU will be hosting and partnering with our community to create live music events that celebrate the last half century.

First up is...

On the 20th July Boxed Quarter will host a homecoming. A celebration of origins. Of electronica. Deejays. Rave. A return to the source. Christchurch, Ōtautahi.


 50 years young... 

We aren’t just different. We are the ONLY alternative. 

RDU 98.5FM was founded in 1976 at the University of Canterbury. It has since grown into a cherished community broadcaster, responsible for launching the careers of many musicians, young broadcasters and music industry professionals.

RDU 98.5FM exists for 3 main reasons:

  • To promote local music

  • To support youthful voices

  • And to be an alternative to the mainstream

Providing the tools and real world experience RDU has the platform for emerging storytellers to weave their narrative around local tunes and news. It is hundreds of real people, brick and mortar. Transmitting and publishing now on RDU for nearly 50 years.  

Music, news, arts and opinion, RDU 98.5FM is the influencer, the independent. The people of our city benefit in all the right ways when they choose RDU.  And our audience ignore the conventional or common streams of daily content that's fed to them, making RDU the beacon that navigates them through a noisey digital media environment. 

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